Happy Valley – Peace and Happiness!

Have you noticed how popular the name, “Happy Valley” is? Do a Google search, and you’ll find a Happy Valley in nearly every county in the whole country!

Here in Tennessee, Happy Valley has been used for several places. Do you know any? First, Tennessee has a Happy Valley in Blount County, which is not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Straddled between Carter and Elizabethton Counties is Happy Valley, Carter County. Lastly, for Tennessee is Happy Valley, Oak Ridge County. This one, however, is no longer in existence; it was a Manhattan Project construction camp.

Happy Valley is a popular name worldwide! If you wish to go to Australia, you’ll find six Happy Valleys. China has a whole chain of Happy Valley theme parks, a total of six, all carrying the name. Additionally, China has a shopping mall with that name in Guangzhou. (In Mandarin, the name for Happy Valley is “Guangzhou”). Canada has five; Germany has two. Vietnam has one Happy Valley, and the U.K. has four, one of which is a garden that was famously created by a Scotsman of Orkney, Sir Edwin Harrold. Happy Valley is also a nickname for Cheshire’s Bollington, UK. New Zealand has four, Kenya has a single Happy Valley. India has one, as well as Hong Kong.

The Mega Dose of Happy Valley comes from the good ole’ U.S. of A. with sixteen – count them – sixteen! Of the United States, naturally, California beats all with six Happy Valleys. In fact, in the nineteenth century, the whole district around 1st Street and Mission, in San Francisco, California, was once called, “Happy Valley.” If you went there today, you’d be in part of South of Market, San Francisco.

If you’re a British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) television watcher, you’ll no doubt be well acquainted with Happy Valley, the uniquely British crime drama. It was originally released around 2014 and is still in programming. It’s about a strong-willed female West Yorkshire police sergeant. The story’s background is of the sergeant’s dead daughter that killed herself after getting pregnant after being forcibly raped. The perpetrator becomes the sergeant’s obsession.

Doesn’t sound much like a happy valley, really, but here’s an interesting fact: the name Happy Valley is what Calderdale local police call the area due to – wait for it – it’s drug problem.

Why all the emphasis on Happy Valley? Who doesn’t want to live in such a lovely place as “Happy Valley, my hometown”? The thought of it conjures up visions of gaily dressed women, sitting at a picnic lunch and gossiping while their children romp and play.

Or perhaps, driving into a sweet, peaceful little town and finding Happy Valley Apartments advertising apartments for rent at a virtual steal. Think of the warm feeling your friends and family get when they receive a letter or package from you marked “Happy Valley.” The whole aura is warm, pleasant, homey, comforting, and most precious of all, family love. I think it’d be wonderful to say, “I live in one of the Happy Valley Apartments.”