Happy Valley – Happy Trails in California

happy valley apartments offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Here, one can work on climbing Mt. Shasta, or visit Shasta Lake. A truly unique activity and one that is fast falling by the wayside is visiting ghost towns. There are so many of these vintage places are disappearing due to the passage of time. There are a few left, and some of the best are in this area. With names such as, “Buzzards Roost”, “Whiskey town”, and “Delmar”, it’s easy to see that any youth worth their weight would be enthralled by visiting these ghost towns.

In an unincorporated community not far from Redding, California, lies a sleepy little town called Happy Valley. The name suggests that the town is situated in a valley, as it lies at an elevation of about 850 feet. Happy Valley is located in Shasta County and is only 11 miles from Redding.

Not to be confused with Happy Valley in Plumas County is located in the area of Grizzly Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Plumas County is known for its Feather River Canyon, which introduced the first sightseers and tourists. Many towns sprung up, having such names as Rabbit Creek, Indian Bar, Rich Bar, and of course, Happy Valley.

The town of Anderson is not far from Redding and Happy Valley. Anderson boasts the same landscape as Happy Valley, with its lazy, rolling hills, and rich farm soil. Secluded and quiet, this area enjoys a kind of peace from having such peaceful surroundings.

Shasta Lake City, previously known as Central Valley, is the other incorporated city in Shasta County. It has a population of about 10,000 and is the closest settlement to the Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta, both very popular tourist destinations.

Amongst the calm and serenity of the atmosphere, lies our little town of Happy Valley. Many small farms and ranches are tucked away neatly in the rolling hills. If you have a hankering for fresh, farm raised produce, look up Happy Valley’s Farm Trail. You’ll find an array of items such as milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fruit, veggies, even homemade stock and artisan soaps.

Anderson Welcome Center, which is on Highway 273, at the Factory Outlets, will have contact information available for you to locate the Farm Trail. Any of the local health food stores will have that information also. It’s an easy drive and be prepared for some friendly haggling. Who knows, you might get lucky and buy the farm!

Nestled among the tall evergreen trees, Happy Valley Apartments offers free Continental Breakfast and one free night for every week you stay. There’s plenty to do here. Some visitors to Mt. Shasta enjoy camping on the mountain for a few days to acclimate to the high altitude, and they check in every few days to take a shower or sleep in a clean bed, rather than on the cold, hard, ground.

We hope you check out Happy Valley and its surrounding places of interest. You won’t be sorry! It’ll be a family trip you won’t soon forget.