What comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Happy Valley Apartments”? Picture the early morning fog lifting its heavy gray veil to show the full morning sun, bright, yellow, coming up out of the east. The landscape is vast, with rolling hills and stately, ancient oak trees, growing every which way but reaching to the sky. The blue sky with wisps of white clouds, just to break up the monotony of all that blue, it seems. Birds twitter about in joyful song. The world is right. Everything is perfect; it’s great to be alive.

Happy Valley, no, we’re not talking about the British drama TV show, nor are we talking about Jeannie C. Riley’s 1968 song, by the name of “Happy Valley PTA”. We’re talking about Happy Valley, California, in El Dorado County. El Dorado County is near the middle of the state.

The elevation of Happy Valley, which is near Camino, is about 3694 feet. Camino has a population of about 1700 as of the 2010 Census. It rests about half-way between South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. Some other towns nearby are Pollock Pines, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Grizzly Flats, and Cameron Park, a new area built up with subdivisions and shopping malls.

A favorite Fall activity for neighboring towns outcropping further along the way is Apple Hill. Apple Hill Growers Association enjoys 55 member ranchers in the general vicinity. Christmas tree farms are scattered throughout this entire area. Many families enjoy a day trip up to Apple Hill for their yearly apple cider and goodies.

Over the years, the area has seen a great influx of Bay-area families moving in and making great improvements to the area without taking away any of its gold-rush era old California charm. Roads have improved, some, and the schools have been upgraded. Even the tiniest villages saw some gain. Happy Valley Apartments is just one such improvement. In the past, visitors had to trek to Sacramento to get a room, or, worse yet, traverse the mountain to get to Placerville. Traveling that road back then, one could envision the early California pioneers make their way, ever so slowly, through the rough terrain.

Why don’t you check out Happy Valley Apartments in Happy Valley, California? If you plan it right, you might participate in the Frog Jumping Contests not far from here. Every year, on the weekend of May 13th, National Frog Jumping Day is observed at the start of Jumping Frog Jubilee. Did you know they’ve been having these since before Mark Twain’s time? That’s right! He wrote a piece about it in 1867. The first Jubilee was in 1893, held that year in a place with the unusual name of Copperopolis. There’s quite a science to frog jumping, I hear.

Come and see California, before the big cities, like Hollywood and Los Angeles. The California of days gone past, in pristine form, for your pleasure and learning.  Enjoy the wholesomeness of those rolling hills and natural beauty.