Happy Valley Apartments

If you are in Happy Valley, Oregon, you have got an impeccable taste! You have chosen to position yourself very well in this world. This entire area is so lush and beautiful, with forests and country style landscapes, everywhere you turn.  Every day, you take in that fresh air, direct from the source of all that photosynthesis – trees and plants, including algae. You are especially blessed if you enjoy the “great outdoors”, as so much of the Pacific Northwest Region is focused on vigorous playtime outdoors particularly in the spring and summer months, when rainy skies are few and far between. It is common knowledge that the region receives quite a bit of rain in the winter, and to a lesser degree, in the months of fall.

Happy Valley is part of the metropolitan area of Portland. A favorite place to live is along the Clackamas watershed. Happy Valley Apartments are a favorite with the young crowd. Many young families enjoy the active life in the area while they make their home in Happy Valley Apartments.

The more mature crowd prefers the Tasso Oaks subdivision or along Quail Ridge Drive. Many fine custom built Craftsman homes perch atop the hill in the neighborhood, overlooking gorgeous 180-degree views of Portland and the entire area.

Spectacular vistas are everywhere, particularly along Mt. Hood and the Clackamas River. If you are ready to move out of Mom and Dad’s place, or if you are searching for a new place to live, check out Happy Valley Apartments.

The amenities are fabulous. There is a washer, dryer, and refrigerator in every apartment. If you prefer smoke-free, an entire section is specifically designated non-smoking, so you are in luck. If you require wheel chair accessible apartments, with handrails, and other safety items, they are here.

The outside features a large balcony. There is also a patio for each apartment. The large barbecues and grills are for everyone’s use, as well as the pool and gym.

Hardwood floors grace the living room, and the carpet is in the family room. Recently tiled floors and vaulted ceilings heighten the beauty and ambiance of the entire place.

Lake Oswego is not far from town, and many people spend their entire summers on the lake. From the Happy Valley Apartments, you will agree that the best place to live is here in the Pacific Northwest, and my choice is Happy Valley, Oregon.

If you are visiting Lake Oswego, check out the Five Spice Seafood and Wine Bar. They have excellent Asian-inspired seafood and more than 200 varieties of wine. It is a relaxed atmosphere with a classy ambiance overlooking the Lake.

La Provence is another fine restaurant in Lake Oswego, one a little more upscale. It is a French Bistro, and the food is legendary. The parking might get you down, so be sure to leave plenty of time to wait around a bit. The salmon steaks are out of this world as well as the incredibly yummy desserts, every one of them!