Booking Apartments Online in Happy Valley

Recently in Europe and the USA grows popularity of such a type of accommodation as apartments. No wonder: they are ideal for large companies; they are cheaper and provide a greater mobility to its residents. Apartments are popular not only in coastal cities-resorts, like Miami, Rome and Venice, but also at popular tourist cities, like New York, San Francisco and Portland Oregon.

Let us have a closer look. Happy Valley Apartments look like a flat (several small houses, a house with a separate entrance, a villa) that is rented by tourists and travelling businessmen from inside and outside the country, basically for a long period. It is important to understand that the apartments and apart-hotels are slightly different types of accommodation. Apart-hotels, as a rule, are located at the hotels or are operated by hotels. The most significant difference between them is the number of rooms and a kitchen.

The conditions are very similar with those at “home”: they have everything you need, fully equipped kitchen, house appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, “microwave”, air conditioning, TV). Furthermore, in hot countries, apartments can often be found swimming pools, parking, balconies and terraces.

The apartment usually a flat (several small houses, a villa, a house with a private entrance) is rented basically for a long period. The apartments are classified by their quality, comfort, total area and number of rooms, “alphabetically”:

A-type apartment (Studio) usually has one room and a kitchen combined with a living room.

Apartments of B-type include two separate bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. C-type apartments of consist of three to four separate rooms, a hall, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

Luxury apartments are accommodations in penthouses, private villas or residences. They consist of two or more rooms; have a personal maid, largest set of services, private pools and so on. In apart-hotels, as a rule, those are called “presidential apartments”.

One may ask why to stay in apartments instead of traditional hotels? Because living in apartments have lots of advantages. Firstly, it is own kitchen. For someone this fact, of course, is rather a disadvantage (no room service and who wants to cook for himself). But look at this another way: busy businessmen, families with children, lovers of healthy food, fans of budget travel, and just foodies who dream to explore the traditional cuisine of the country, not even imagine their lives without their own stove and refrigerator.

Secondly, staying in an apartment allows you to accommodate larger parties, more business partners, families with kids and animals. And it also turns into a great advantage in relation to the cost effectiveness. A fee for an apartment (home, house, residence) is always fixed and does not depend on the number of residents. One only thing that has to be observed is the maximum number of residents (e.g. up to 10), and the residents can divide the costs.

In addition, apartments give people freedom of movement. Another advantage is ability to ‘feel yourself home’ – after a long business day or a day off, to enjoy a delicious dinner in the company of friends at fresh air.

To arrange renting an apartment is rather more complicated task than booking a room in a hotel. Besides, there are much more hotels is than apartments. So, if you want to rent an apartment, for example, on Hawaii Islands, or in Happy Valley Apartments, you should take care of it in advance (ideally to book online in month for two).