happy valley apartments offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Here, one can work on climbing Mt. Shasta, or visit Shasta Lake. A truly unique activity and one that is fast falling by the wayside is visiting ghost towns. There are so many of these vintage places are disappearing due to the passage of time. There are a few left, and some of the best are in this area. With names such as, “Buzzards Roost”, “Whiskey town”, and “Delmar”, it’s easy to see that any youth worth their weight would be enthralled by visiting these ghost towns.

In an unincorporated community not far from Redding, California, lies a sleepy little town called Happy Valley. The name suggests that the town is situated in a valley, as it lies at an elevation of about 850 feet. Happy Valley is located in Shasta County and is only 11 miles from Redding.

Not to be confused with Happy Valley in Plumas County is located in the area of Grizzly Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Plumas County is known for its Feather River Canyon, which introduced the first sightseers and tourists. Many towns sprung up, having such names as Rabbit Creek, Indian Bar, Rich Bar, and of course, Happy Valley.

The town of Anderson is not far from Redding and Happy Valley. Anderson boasts the same landscape as Happy Valley, with its lazy, rolling hills, and rich farm soil. Secluded and quiet, this area enjoys a kind of peace from having such peaceful surroundings.

Shasta Lake City, previously known as Central Valley, is the other incorporated city in Shasta County. It has a population of about 10,000 and is the closest settlement to the Shasta Dam and Lake Shasta, both very popular tourist destinations.

Amongst the calm and serenity of the atmosphere, lies our little town of Happy Valley. Many small farms and ranches are tucked away neatly in the rolling hills. If you have a hankering for fresh, farm raised produce, look up Happy Valley’s Farm Trail. You’ll find an array of items such as milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fruit, veggies, even homemade stock and artisan soaps.

Anderson Welcome Center, which is on Highway 273, at the Factory Outlets, will have contact information available for you to locate the Farm Trail. Any of the local health food stores will have that information also. It’s an easy drive and be prepared for some friendly haggling. Who knows, you might get lucky and buy the farm!

Nestled among the tall evergreen trees, Happy Valley Apartments offers free Continental Breakfast and one free night for every week you stay. There’s plenty to do here. Some visitors to Mt. Shasta enjoy camping on the mountain for a few days to acclimate to the high altitude, and they check in every few days to take a shower or sleep in a clean bed, rather than on the cold, hard, ground.

We hope you check out Happy Valley and its surrounding places of interest. You won’t be sorry! It’ll be a family trip you won’t soon forget.

Booking Apartments online in Happy Valley

Recently in Europe and the USA grows popularity of such a type of accommodation as apartments. No wonder: they are ideal for large companies; they are cheaper and provide a greater mobility to its residents. Apartments are popular not only in coastal cities-resorts, like Miami, Rome and Venice, but also at popular tourist cities, like New York, San Francisco and Portland Oregon.

Let us have a closer look. Happy Valley Apartments look like a flat (several small houses, a house with a separate entrance, a villa) that is rented by tourists and travelling businessmen from inside and outside the country, basically for a long period. It is important to understand that the apartments and apart-hotels are slightly different types of accommodation. Apart-hotels, as a rule, are located at the hotels or are operated by hotels. The most significant difference between them is the number of rooms and a kitchen.

The conditions are very similar with those at “home”: they have everything you need, fully equipped kitchen, house appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, “microwave”, air conditioning, TV). Furthermore, in hot countries, apartments can often be found swimming pools, parking, balconies and terraces.

The apartment usually a flat (several small houses, a villa, a house with a private entrance) is rented basically for a long period. The apartments are classified by their quality, comfort, total area and number of rooms, “alphabetically”:

A-type apartment (Studio) usually has one room and a kitchen combined with a living room.

Apartments of B-type include two separate bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. C-type apartments of consist of three to four separate rooms, a hall, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

Luxury apartments are accommodations in penthouses, private villas or residences. They consist of two or more rooms; have a personal maid, largest set of services, private pools and so on. In apart-hotels, as a rule, those are called “presidential apartments”.

One may ask why to stay in apartments instead of traditional hotels? Because living in apartments have lots of advantages. Firstly, it is own kitchen. For someone this fact, of course, is rather a disadvantage (no room service and who wants to cook for himself). But look at this another way: busy businessmen, families with children, lovers of healthy food, fans of budget travel, and just foodies who dream to explore the traditional cuisine of the country, not even imagine their lives without their own stove and refrigerator.

Secondly, staying in an apartment allows you to accommodate larger parties, more business partners, families with kids and animals. And it also turns into a great advantage in relation to the cost effectiveness. A fee for an apartment (home, house, residence) is always fixed and does not depend on the number of residents. One only thing that has to be observed is the maximum number of residents (e.g. up to 10), and the residents can divide the costs.

In addition, apartments give people freedom of movement. Another advantage is ability to ‘feel yourself home’ – after a long business day or a day off, to enjoy a delicious dinner in the company of friends at fresh air.

To arrange renting an apartment is rather more complicated task than booking a room in a hotel. Besides, there are much more hotels is than apartments. So, if you want to rent an apartment, for example, on Hawaii Islands, or in Happy Valley Apartments, you should take care of it in advance (ideally to book online in month for two).

Happy Valley Apartments

If you are in Happy Valley, Oregon, you have got an impeccable taste! You have chosen to position yourself very well in this world. This entire area is so lush and beautiful, with forests and country style landscapes, everywhere you turn.  Every day, you take in that fresh air, direct from the source of all that photosynthesis – trees and plants, including algae. You are especially blessed if you enjoy the “great outdoors”, as so much of the Pacific Northwest Region is focused on vigorous playtime outdoors particularly in the spring and summer months, when rainy skies are few and far between. It is common knowledge that the region receives quite a bit of rain in the winter, and to a lesser degree, in the months of fall.

Happy Valley is part of the metropolitan area of Portland. A favorite place to live is along the Clackamas watershed. Happy Valley Apartments are a favorite with the young crowd. Many young families enjoy the active life in the area while they make their home in Happy Valley Apartments.

The more mature crowd prefers the Tasso Oaks subdivision or along Quail Ridge Drive. Many fine custom built Craftsman homes perch atop the hill in the neighborhood, overlooking gorgeous 180-degree views of Portland and the entire area.

Spectacular vistas are everywhere, particularly along Mt. Hood and the Clackamas River. If you are ready to move out of Mom and Dad’s place, or if you are searching for a new place to live, check out Happy Valley Apartments.

The amenities are fabulous. There is a washer, dryer, and refrigerator in every apartment. If you prefer smoke-free, an entire section is specifically designated non-smoking, so you are in luck. If you require wheel chair accessible apartments, with handrails, and other safety items, they are here.

The outside features a large balcony. There is also a patio for each apartment. The large barbecues and grills are for everyone’s use, as well as the pool and gym.

Hardwood floors grace the living room, and the carpet is in the family room. Recently tiled floors and vaulted ceilings heighten the beauty and ambiance of the entire place.

Lake Oswego is not far from town, and many people spend their entire summers on the lake. From the Happy Valley Apartments, you will agree that the best place to live is here in the Pacific Northwest, and my choice is Happy Valley, Oregon.

If you are visiting Lake Oswego, check out the Five Spice Seafood and Wine Bar. They have excellent Asian-inspired seafood and more than 200 varieties of wine. It is a relaxed atmosphere with a classy ambiance overlooking the Lake.

La Provence is another fine restaurant in Lake Oswego, one a little more upscale. It is a French Bistro, and the food is legendary. The parking might get you down, so be sure to leave plenty of time to wait around a bit. The salmon steaks are out of this world as well as the incredibly yummy desserts, every one of them!

HAPPY VALLEY – Peace and Happiness!

Have you noticed how popular the name, “Happy Valley” is? Do a Google search, and you’ll find a Happy Valley in nearly every county in the whole country!

Here in Tennessee, Happy Valley has been used for several places. Do you know any? First, Tennessee has a Happy Valley in Blount County, which is not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Straddled between Carter and Elizabethton Counties is Happy Valley, Carter County. Lastly, for Tennessee is Happy Valley, Oak Ridge County. This one, however, is no longer in existence; it was a Manhattan Project construction camp.

Happy Valley is a popular name worldwide! If you wish to go to Australia, you’ll find six Happy Valleys. China has a whole chain of Happy Valley theme parks, a total of six, all carrying the name. Additionally, China has a shopping mall with that name in Guangzhou. (In Mandarin, the name for Happy Valley is “Guangzhou”). Canada has five; Germany has two. Vietnam has one Happy Valley, and the U.K. has four, one of which is a garden that was famously created by a Scotsman of Orkney, Sir Edwin Harrold. Happy Valley is also a nickname for Cheshire’s Bollington, UK. New Zealand has four, Kenya has a single Happy Valley. India has one, as well as Hong Kong.

The Mega Dose of Happy Valley comes from the good ole’ U.S. of A. with sixteen – count them – sixteen! Of the United States, naturally, California beats all with six Happy Valleys. In fact, in the nineteenth century, the whole district around 1st Street and Mission, in San Francisco, California, was once called, “Happy Valley.” If you went there today, you’d be in part of South of Market, San Francisco.

If you’re a British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) television watcher, you’ll no doubt be well acquainted with Happy Valley, the uniquely British crime drama. It was originally released around 2014 and is still in programming. It’s about a strong-willed female West Yorkshire police sergeant. The story’s background is of the sergeant’s dead daughter that killed herself after getting pregnant after being forcibly raped. The perpetrator becomes the sergeant’s obsession.

Doesn’t sound much like a happy valley, really, but here’s an interesting fact: the name Happy Valley is what Calderdale local police call the area due to – wait for it – it’s drug problem.

Why all the emphasis on Happy Valley? Who doesn’t want to live in such a lovely place as “Happy Valley, my hometown”? The thought of it conjures up visions of gaily dressed women, sitting at a picnic lunch and gossiping while their children romp and play.

Or perhaps, driving into a sweet, peaceful little town and finding Happy Valley Apartments advertising apartments for rent at a virtual steal. Think of the warm feeling your friends and family get when they receive a letter or package from you marked “Happy Valley.” The whole aura is warm, pleasant, homey, comforting, and most precious of all, family love. I think it’d be wonderful to say, “I live in one of the Happy Valley Apartments.”